Thursday, December 30, 2010

Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl by: Elizabeth Scott
Rated: 4/5 Stars


This is Alice
She was taken by Ray five years ago
She thought she knew how her story would end
She was wrong

My Review: There were many emotions running through my head when I finished this book, sadness, terror, disgust, anger, confusion, devastation. There were many elements that made this story a good read. The main character was very believable. Her heart break was mine. The story revolves around this girl who was kidnapped by an older man, he has sexually abused her and physically abused her, meanwhile she is trying to cope with this and try to stay alive. The whole story was partly disturbing, and partly horrifyingly beautiful. No one can ignore the fact that this could truly happen to them. It leads both the main character and yourself to thoughts if "If only I had's" and "Why me? Why not her?" It is a tale of desperation to be free, and becoming a woman. The way the story was written was raw and poetic, I could feel the pain escaping from the words, and the character, I could feel her pain, and rooting for her to get loose from this horrid man.

Overall, I thought the story was fantastic, although it was a little disturbing at times, it was beautifully written and the characters were well developed, although most were a little odd. I gave it four stars because of the writing and characters, although not so much for the plot, it left me unsatisfied in the end. Although I do see why she choose that ending, it was perfect in its own way. I would recommend this book for ages 15 and up. It probably wouldn't sit well for a younger audience. Great book!

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