Sunday, September 19, 2010

Before I Fall

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Rated: 5/5 Stars

Overview: Samantha Kingston has worked her way up the popularity ladder; now a senior, she and her three best friends rule their school. On Cupid Day, Sam expects to receive Valentine roses, to party with her friends, and to finally (maybe) have sex with her equally popular boyfriend. The last thing she expects is that she will die, but in the final moments of her life, as she hears "a horrible, screeching sound—metal on metal, glass shattering, a car folding in two," everything turns to nothing. Only, it is not the end for Sam. She wakes up to start the same day over again, and again; in fact, she relives it seven times

My Review: When I first read the back of this book I thought it would be a typical girl in high school who relives her life over and over again until she finally learns her lesson and lives. Boy could I have been more wrong about the last part. Samantha Kingston is the girl everyone in high school wants to be, she gets the "perfect boyfriend" and the best of friends, and she gets to relive cupid day seven times, perfect right? Doesn't turn out that way. What I loved the most about this book, was all of the tiny connections to the over all theme of the book. In the end I also learned to love Sam, at first I didn't like her, hell, I thought she was an annoying bitch, I would have to agree with what Juliet said to her, "You're a bitch." The thing about each main character in every book I have read, is that I know I am going to end up falling in love with the character, I know it's inevitable. Given I haven't likes every main character, but with Sam, there was something about her that I knew I would like eventually about this girl. I did, maybe it was her perseverance, or maybe it was her goals, maybe it was when she told off Lindsey, or that I knew in the beginning, that deep down, she was a decent character. It turned out that way. I loved Kent, he was such a sweetheart. Wasn't such a great fan of Rob, I was just waiting for Sam to dump his ass. The goal for Sam in the end though, was to save Juliet, and she did, it may have taken her awhile, but she did it, and in Juliet's place Sam died. It was such a sad and beautiful ending, the thing is, I wouldn't have changed the ending, it fit the theme, and it was just meant to be. Over all, this book was amazing, beautifully written, the plot was awesome, and the characters were lovable. The only fault I had with this story was the number of days, eventually I was just waiting for it to be her last day, maybe she could have shortened it to five or even three days, but that wasn't that big of a problem, but it was great, I loved it, and I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, happy reading people!